New Beta ready for testing!

Please contact us on Roku forums so we can answer everyone’s questions at once:


here is the download Link:

this version includes:

this version does the following:

1.) plays live streams using livestreamer —
2.) DVR function to record live stream and stream later
3.) Stream a video from a folder. — next version working on allowing selection of any folder
4.) Add any Url that Livestreamer supports — … gin-matrix
eg :
5.) View before you stream to roku to be sure stream is up or just watch if you want.
6.) XML file that you can load a feed of URLS… example XML files included and are for Educational purposes only and some won’t work but will show you the format of the xml it needs

7.) launch your ROku channel direct from our app …. a remote is included too

Sorry at this time is only working on windows at this time.

NOTE: won’t work on youtube protected videos

IpTvMyWay Version 2.0 !!!

Sorry for the Delay but we have been working on a new version for quite some time will be much more user friendly as well as give access to live streams and local file streaming to your Roku and soon we will introducing our own Box!

NEW Update coming soon!!

Finally we are looking at a huge update!!

were working on a few streamers so you can bring many new channels to your ROKU… please be patient as we work out this new app…

we will be releasing a new app as well for Channel store called

we will be posting a Beta to the Roku forum next week we look forward to having every one test it out…

NEW Update coming soon!!

Just so everyone Knows, we are coming out soon with a whole new update…

These updates will include Megavideo and Veetle support.

Sorry but this being a pet project we havent been able to put a lot of time into this summer because this is tourist season and working 12 hours a day.

Hoping to have the new update pushed out early next week….


coming soon

were almost ready to push a new update we have been redoing most of the code in the channel as well as a new video settings where you can put a list of URLs to encode and watch on your Roku!

Thanks for you patience!

Version 1.7 Is here!!

Great Update here folks!!

I suggest deleting you old version and starting new with this version,  If you have Version 1.6 then you can go ahead and do the upgrade to Version 1.7

This new version has added more channels and more Streaming options for everyone!!

First go and upgrade the IPTV My way Channel by going into the Channel store on Roku and back out, this will get you the lastest Channel On Roku

New Local Channel streaming channels will be updated every day that a user submits them to us.

Have a youtube channel you like?  give us the details and we will work to add that to the linup.  An example of this is in the user submitted channels in the main area.

Were also offering a deal to the first  50 users who like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter will be upgraded to Paid status and will not see any pre roll videos in the normal video area!!

We will check these monthly and if you have deleted us, we will put you back to Free and you will watch pre rolls, so please play by the rules!!  After you do both send us your info and we will upgrade your status.

keep in mind the short videos before the  Local Transcoding streams will always be there, its either that or sit and wait on your files to be ready to stream.   So if you have a short  1 minute video you would like to share let us know and we will can add it to the lineup!

NOTE: Version 1.6 will not work with the new Channel on Roku so you must upgrade or do a full install of  Version 1.7


Version 1.6 is Here!!

Ok Folks were excited that we were able to get this even simpler for you.

1 click install and a gui for streaming!!  Go to the downloads page and get the new version and delete the old as we made several changes to the code in the exe files that may not work with old versions.

We havent been able to test with Windows 7 folks were sorry.

We opened up a new forum for this new version, please go there and leave your feedback its the only way we can make this a more enjoyable product for you.

Social Media

We  wanted to make this a community to share your interest from breaking away from the PC and even the cable TV with people with the same interests…

We have added social media aspects to the site, you do not have to participate and can set it in your personal page.  We just want everyone to have a great experience here and enjoy watching what you want when you want it and have your Internet Tv like I want it,  IPTV My Way !!!

Enjoy and have a great time!!


Upcoming Beta v1.6….

I am excited to let everyone know v1.6 is almost complete, just trying to iron out the gui.


1.) Server will be a 1 click install… no configuration needed
2.) Will have a gui to do all your video settings. the Gui will have a drop down menu to choose from TVU or Sopcast, also Browse for local files to stream or you can type in most ANY web URL and it will work as well.

you can use some of the predefined settings or add your own!!

I am going to also change the Roku code and delete the separate screen for TVU and Sopcast and just keep the one “Local Streaming” and what ever you set up in the video settings will play in this channel.

We could be out of  Beta a lot sooner than expected and can’t thank everyone enough for all their input to make this a reality!! Now maybe we can start working on a version for Linux and Mac users.

I am hoping by next Monday we can submit this to the Channel Store for Roku, I think the TVU and Sopcast Usage in the Roku could have been a factor of keeping us out,  So going to just the single  “Local Streaming” should help us out there.  lets  hope they accept us!

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ROKU Channel Update….

We needed to change the code in the Roku so go in and update the channel by going into the channel store and then back out.

This also fixed the local file streaming and will make it ready for the Gui I should have ready for everyone tomorrow.

I hate to have these problems, but it is a beta so please be patient, were almost there! not bad in 3 days some betas go on for months.

This new channel update will also allow you to access the IPTV MY Way channels and soon more.

If you have to relink, Please send me a message with your username and I will free your Token and you can then relink. Sorry about the hassle, but sometimes this may happen.